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Monday, 24 August 2015

HUGE Sephora Haul

Hey there!

As it is everyone's least favourite day of the week, I thought I would try and brighten the mood by firstly saying that the day is almost over! And secondly, let everyone know about my pretty extensive Sephora (and a few other shops) haul. Apologies in advance at how long this may seem!

I went on holiday to France about a month ago now, and made a HUGE list for Sephora and Duty Free. I went to the first Sephora in Bordeaux as we were picking my boyfriend up from the airport there, so spent the day shopping. He knows this but I was honestly as, maybe even a bit more (sorry Josh!!) excited to go to Sephora than to see him. I am a terrible girlfriend!

The first items I picked up were at the Duty Free in Luton Airport. I was running dangerously low on my Holy Grail mascara, which is the Clinique High Lengths in the colour black. I have been a massive fan of this mascara for a good three years and have owned I'd say about 5 or 6 tubes. It makes my lashes look so long and full, but without making them look clumpy. As you can see it is quite pricy at £17.50, so I saved a few pennies buying it in Duty Free.

Secondly, I went to MAC. I actually went there first.. This is so embarrassing but my sister and I ran through airport security, leaving our parents behind so we had enough time to spend in MAC, obsessed much?! I really wanted to get Velvet Teddy (who doesn't?!), a matching liner and the Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft & Gentle', but due to the extremely high demand for these, they didn't have either! Back to the drawing board then. They did have the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade though, and because I have quite a pale complexion, this works better on my skin. As for lipsticks, I wanted one which was a natural tone, but still nude and cute. I decided to go for Hue. It is very close to my natural lip colour so gives that appearance of 'not wearing lipstick, lipstick'. I decided not to get a liner, as I have two that kind of matched anyway, and wanted to save some money!

A week later, that beautiful day had arrived, we were going to Sephora!! Unfortunately though, much to my annoyance, the European Sephora's do not stock Anastasia Beverly Hills. I really want to get her Dipbrow, but had to go for the opportunity cost which is the Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in 'Universal Taupe'. Okay, I can not rate this product more, it is incredible! Before this trip, I always drew my brows on with a Rimmel pencil and will NEVER go back. The colour, the consistency, the precision of the brush I cannot fault. Oh yeah, this product comes with an angeles brow brush and spooley brush, so you won't have to buy that separately. I read reviews on this before and people said it can dry up within two weeks, but I've had it for around a month and am doing absolutely fine! The colour choices are limited, but it matches perfectly so that doesn't phase me. Thank you Too Faced!!!

Next I wanted a good angled contour brush, so I could use my AC On Tour contour and highlight kit, previous post on it you can read here. I would have loved the NARS Ita Kabuki Brush but I am not made of money, and my spending list was already ridiculous so had to resist. I was going to settle for a Sephora branded one but found the Urban Decay NAKED Flushed Double Ended Brush. It has to contour angled side, but also a flat end which is meant to be used for smudging eye shadow I think, but I use it to put highlight under my eyes. You get two for one which is a great deal! The brush is really soft and easy to clean and get all that product off of the bristles.

This isn't really makeup, but I was running dangerously low on my favourite perfume My Burberry. I got the 65ml one. I previously got one of these from Duty Free when I went to America but was almost out so bought it in Sephora as it was cheaper on the Euro. Also the photo is of the current nearly empty bottle as I haven't opened my new one yet sorry!

I was almost out of my liquid eyeliner, which was a L'Oreal one I think, but wanted to try something new so I went for the Sephora COLLECTION Dramatic Liner. The tip of this is at an angle and if I'm completely honest I'm really not a fan. I find that it really hard to apply and looks so messy, and getting a wing without it looking clunky is near impossible which is really disappointing. Maybe it is just me, but I am going to replace it with a Kiko one I think, as I have heard they have good reviews.

Finally I went to the Benefit counter. I hadn't purchased anything from Benefit since I was about 15, I'm not really sure why, but I think I found things I preferred from MAC or Clinique so tended to stay loyal to them. I wasn't intending on buying anything from there, but the pretty colours and sales assistant who could talk brilliant English made it too tempting for me, I'm so weak!! I have very obvious and open pours and am naughty and don't use a primer, so decided to go for the POREfessional Face Primer. The lady said that there was no better product on the market so I went for it. There was however a set with the normal size POREfessional, with two little pots of the Stay Flawless eye primer and the Stay Don't Stray primer for EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE, so obviously I got that. I also chose Speed Brow to go with my Too Faced kit, and I had heard great things about that too. Finally, and this product I actually bought in another Sephora on another day. I bought the Hello Flawless powder in 'Champagne 'Me, Vain?'. I really do love this as a powder, but another benefit (if you pardon the pun) is that this comes with a brush shaped like the NARS Ita Kabuki brush which I mentioned earlier, so use that for contour!

Yeaaaaah so reading this back and looking over at it all, I understand that this is quite a substantial amount! I can only really justify this by saying that there is no Sephora in the UK so I was making the most of it! I also tell myself that Euros are not real money so I don't feel bad as to how much I spent if that makes sense. I hope that you enjoyed this post and maybe try some of these products yourself.

Thank you for reading and make any comments below, they are all appreciated (good and/or bad).

Yours Truly, Kate x

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