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Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Accidental MAC Splurge

Hey everyone, it's so close to Friday and I hope everyone is excited for the bank holiday!!

I decided yesterday that I was going to get the scary bus into Leeds city centre and get just ONE thing from MAC. The bus is scary to me as I am used to driving but don't have the car here when I'm at uni so feel like I'm 14 again going on the bus!! Due to this 'terrifying' ordeal, I decided to treat myself... God my justifications are awful!!! I shall now let you know about my experience and what I got, enjoy!

I went to MAC knowing that I wanted Studio Fix foundation, but in a darker colour to normal. I wanted a foundation to match my fake tanned skin for when I go out, and I wanted a good one which would last. I even fake tanned for this!!! I've been on a couple of holidays over summer and have a natural tan, so haven't needed to fake it in months and oh my goodness I did the WORST job!! I didn't even realise how bad it was until I got to MAC, how embarrassing!

The MAC in Leeds is actually in Harvey Nicks and is always the most busy station. You have to queue up to see an assistant, so I did and asked for a foundation skin match. The lady told me I would have to come back in half an hour, and luckily as this was the first shop I went to, it was fine for me as I went to do my other bits first. Just note that if you know the MAC shop near you gets extra busy, always go there first in case of this wait! 

I came back half an hour later and explained to the lady what I wanted, darker than my actual skin tone for going out purposes and Studio Fix and she came back with a couple colours to try. I eventually went for NC30. She did put two layers on so it does look a little yellow, but I preferred the colour on the first layer she applied in comparison, so know to only apply the one layer. It has amazing coverage! I had a mini breakout around my mouth/chin the other day and am at the scabby stage (sorry gross) so would normally need concealer to hide that, but haven't needed it at all!

 I already have the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in 'Fiji'. They are both 30ml, so both quite small. I only paid £22 for my MAC on as opposed to the £32 I pad for NARS. They both have beautiful coverage though, so I would go for either if you're not sure.

The only issue, which put me off slightly was that the Studio Fix does not come with a pump. I had to pay a further £4.50 for that. Now I have one, it is fine and probably won't need to purchase another, but it is still quite cheeky I think.

This pump however would fix foundations of different brands too, which is a plus (e.g. Estée Lauder's Double Wear). The pump does come with a cap to cover it though, so there is no chance with that on of it accidentally pumping into your makeup bag, I wouldn't recommend travelling without its real lid on though just in case!!

'Right, I am done!' I thought until the MAC lady says "anything else you would like to look at? Any lipsticks?" That one word, lipsticks, that's all it took! Over I went, knowing how naughty I was being but I genuinely could not help myself, I AM SO WEAK!!! My friend has 'Stone' and I loved the colour but she said it may be too dark for me and I didn't want to wash myself out, so asked for a lighter version of that. There were a few that I liked, but didn't love, so thought I'd get away with not purchasing anything.

Then I felt daring and asked if they had 'Whirl' in stock, and of course they didn't. More confidence came from no where and I asked if they had 'Velvet Teddy'. I felt almost embarrassed for asking! Nowhere else had it, so I didn't even know why I was asking. A miracle happened, it was in stock!!! Lets just take a moment....... and we're back. I tried it and obviously fell in love. I could not pass up this rare opportunity! It was rude not to buy it!!! I OWN VELVET TEDDY!!!!!!!!!

You can guess by the photos what came next, liners! I now own the 'Spice' liner too. God help my bank balance! I bought Velvet Teddy for £15.50 and 'Spice' for £12.50. 

I am hoping I'm not the only one who gets this excited and has so little control, I would love to be reassured of this so let me know in the comments!!

PS, I am currently writing this wearing the dress which I ordered for my birthday and am in LOVE! I shall post about it after my bday in 2 weeks watch this space.

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. you are seriously going to LOVE velvet teddy! one of my all time fave shades! I love their foundations as well, so I'm sure that'll treat you well too :)

  2. I can relate to you on so many levels!! I'll go into a store for one thing and come out with a massive shopping bag, my bank balance seriously suffers :( I asked about velvet teddy in my store too and nabbed it up whilst it was in stock

    Ruby xoxo

    1. im so glad im not the only one!!!!! thank you for the reassurance!