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Friday, 21 August 2015

My First Post!

Wow then hi guys!!

This is all very new for me! I have some ideas for what future posts can be, however for my first post, I thought I'd let you know a bit about me.

Why I decided to start this blog...

I have always had an interest in makeup, fashion and beauty, however over this very long summer I have become even more into it.  I have been wanting to start this for several months now, however always bottled it as the thought was always very daunting to me, but here I am! I took the plunge and hoping that this will grow into a beautiful journey of getting to know people and trying new things.

My inspirations...

I watch an embarrassing amount of YouTube! I spend far too many hours watching tutorials of Beauty Bloggers from all around the world and they have definitely helped me to start this. Although me actually doing YouTube is not something I'd be comfortable in myself doing now, who knows about the future.
My favourite girls to watch are Dani Masutti, Carli Bybel, LoveLaughAndMakeupGee Box and of courseZoella!

My favourite makeup brands...

Expect to see lots on these! MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Benefit, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I personally prefer the more high end brands in comparison to drugstore brands. I feel that products like eyeshadows are more pigmented and foundations have a longer staying on factor, but that's just my opinion!

My skin type...

I have quite oily skin and am very prone to break outs, particularly at certain times of the month.... I am also quite pale although can tan, and get freckles around my nose in the summer. Because of my skin type, I try to stick to mainly powder based products to reduce that shine which loves to make an uninvited appearance! 

Random little facts...

Until literally last week, I had not owned or worn foundation! (Apart from when I had to for dance shows when I was still at school). I did however cave and popped into NARS and made a purchase, but I shall do a post on my opinions for that at a later date.

I am a Virgo, and although I do not tend to follow horoscopes, I do have a lot of the same traits; I have quite bad OCD and like to be organised! This also means that it is coming around to my birthday, which means not long left of being a teenager!!!! Yes, I am turning 20 and am really growing up!!

I work at the weekends as a shot girl selling Jagerbombs to the drunken punters of Leeds bars! I know it may sound quite horrendous but surprisingly I enjoy it and get to see some surprising sights.

I think that is enough for one post, I hope that this isn't too boring and you would be interest in reading future posts. Have a lovely day!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. Best of luck with your new blog Kate! Hopefully you really enjoy it and get stuck in with the community <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. Thank you so much! I love it so far xxx

  3. The beauty blogging community is so lovely and I'm glad you've joined it; I hope you enjoy blogging just as much as I do xoxo

    Eloise | Fangirlesque

    1. Thank you so much, everyone is very welcoming!! xxx