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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

This is the first tag which I have been nominated for which is so exciting!! Thank you Kate Pudd

What is it? What do I do?

Its doing the circuits in the blogging world. When you are nominated/chosen, you state 10 things you LOVE and then 10 things you HATE.

To COMPLETE the tag, you the TAG 10 other bloggers.
Got it? Okay. Lets go!

10 Things I Hate:

1. Knees. Now I know that this is going to sound completely insane but I have a fear of knees. Whether they be mine, or anyone else's I just can't deal! If anyone touches mine I freak out and feel like I'm going to puke. Even seeing anyone touch them makes me queasy. EW.

2. Overly opinionated people. These kind of people really bug me. I'm a believer of having your own opinions and views don't get me wrong, but they are opinions, not always facts. People who disregard other people's thoughts because they don't agree so think that they are in the wrong really grind my gears! For example, if you're a vegetarian then that is great, but it is not for me personally so just leave that there. But when people try and change you and say you are inhumane for eating meat then just no, no.

3. Empty plug sockets being left on. I am a stupidly OCD person and have a need for order. In the UK there are switches on plug sockets and if that socket is empty and switched on, I HAVE to switch it off. I have no shame in this either; I will happily be in public switching these sockets off, whether it be in shops, airports, corridors, I will do it! It is also a safety thing, so I like to think I'm reducing risks haha.

4. Loo seats being left up. Like the previous post, this is OCD related too. If it is a public loo then I won't think too much of it, but at home it MUST be down. My house mates leave it up and it drives me insane!!!!!! My room is next to one of the bathrooms so if I see it up I will go in and put it down. You must think I'm completely mental but I don't want the toilet breathing poo breath around the room thanks! Also it is good bathroom etiquette apparently. 

5. Smoking. I don't see any attraction in it; you smell, it's expensive, it can kill you, it wastes time, it ruins teeth, the list is endless! If you do it then that is your opinion but I personally think it is gross and hate the smell. People doing it in a busy street so the smoke goes all over you... no I can't!

(Feel like I'm having a right rant here sorry!!!)

6. Being so blind. Okay my eyes do work, but I have to wear glasses or contacts which gets so annoying. I am like -5.5 in both eyes which for my age is really bad. I really want laser eye surgery but my prescription keeps changing so I can't until it is stabilised. 

7. My addiction to lip salve. I literally cannot go anywhere without it. I legit panic if I don't know where it is. Today I decided enough is enough and I will prize myself away but my lips are so dry right now and it is so horrible but I shall be strong!!!!

8. The way men think it is acceptable to speak to me because of my job. My job is being a shot girl, so you may think I am asking for it. I do not however wear hot pants or just underwear; I have to wear a peplum dress and heels. It is a flattering dress and the bust is on show, so in that respect I get why men think so degradingly of us. However, on a night out, girls want to dress to impress and often wear far less than me but men wouldn't speak to them in that way. Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my job and receive lots of complements, but when I get offered £50 to flash my boobs, or comments like 'I wish my wife looked like you' (these things have happened on countless occasions), then I am shocked. When these men have a drink they seem to think that they're Hugh bloody Heffner. You are pissed as a fart and 40, I am stone cold sober, 19 and embarrassed for you!!! 

9. Petty girl bitchiness. I'm sure that this is a universal hate among everyone! I went to an all girls school for 7 years, and apart from the odd incidents, I was fortunate enough to never have many issues, however did witness it happening to some girls which must have been horrible. However, I am about to go into my second year of University, I am 20 next month so I consider myself to have grown out of anything like that. Unfortunately for me now, I have to go through it pretty much everyday. I live with two girls who have been making my life pretty hard for the past couple of months. We had arguments, don't speak anymore so surely that should be that? Apparently not, they tamper with my stuff, bitch about me when they know I can hear and a generally horrible people, not the kind of people I called my 'best friends' a few months ago. Unless you've actually killed someone, there is no justification to treat people in such a disgusting way. By the way this is not trying to be a 'feel sorry for Kate' kind of post, but this is something that I really despise. 

10. Finally, people judging others relationships. A relationship is between two people! If there are issues then obviously you may want to discuss it with your friends, and they will give their opinions to that problem, fine. It's when people call you out on things that your better half may have done, even if you don't see an issue with it where it becomes a problem. Sometimes friends don't understand the humour that you and your bf/gf have some may mistake a harmless joke as something serious. Obviously they will be looking out for you, but they should respect that you are with that person for your own reasons and are happy. To add to this, I hate it when people are like 'ew he's gross' or whatever. Yep great thanks for your input but good thing he's not your boyfriend then!!! It really is so disrespectful and unnecessary! 

Feeling very negative now!! Lets twist it and I shall discuss things which I LOVE!!

10 Things I Love:

1. My boyfriend. Soppy and gross right?! All jokes aside he is brilliant, we are so close and do see each other everyday; we are quite inseparable! We have our own humour and if there was some kind of 'fly-on-the-wall' style thing on even an hour with us then you would be like "WTF they are so weird!!!" But I don't care as that is just us. He is my rock and best friend too, I am very lucky to have him!!

2. Taylor Swift. I have been listening her whilst writing all of this (currently listening to 'Stay Stay Stay' from Red). I have always loved her! I still do love her older, country music, just as much as I love her new pop style. I went to see her Red tour in London last year, and she is amazing. Her music is perfect for every mood!!!!!! I already know that I want 'Enchanted' to be the song for my first dance at my wedding! Fave songs are Sparks Fly, Wildest Dreams, Ours, I Know Places and of course, Enchanted!

3. Weddings. I know every girl dreams of her big day from when she was a little girl but I still do! Juste everything about them, wow! It is such a joyous occasion! Everyone one you love is there to celebrate for you and your husband, and it is the start of the rest of your lives! It's not even just my wedding; I would love to have my own marketing and planning business for weddings, that is the dream!!! Even my GCSE Art Textiles and A2 Level Tech final projects were wedding based. It is a serious obsession!

4. Shopping!! God these are all so generic aren't they?! There is something about shopping which I unconditionally love. When I was living in halls, the city centre was a 15 minute walk and Leeds has some mighty good shopping!! I'm not really a shopping spree kind of girl, but I seem to go so often and pick up one or two things at a time that I do get a lot! Internet shopping is just as bad, but I love it! I can't afford this habit though as I am at the end of my overdraft so can't continue this until my loan is in hehe.

5. Makeup, obviously. I have always loved playing around with makeup but never took it as seriously as I do now until a few months ago. Before I started watching YouTube I had no idea how to do all these techniques, or how important it is to have what kind of brushes for different aspects! I now however can no longer get ready in 10 minutes, but I don't mind as I enjoy it and makeup shopping... read my previous Sephora Haul post here and you can just see for yourselves!!

6. My doggies. There is no love like a dogs love. I have two dogs,; a Springer Spaniel named Snipe and a Golden Retriever named Harris. I LOVE THEM!!! However we won't have Harris for much longer (cry cry cry cry). My dad trains puppies for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. We have had around 10 dogs now which stay with us for a year so we can teach them basic house training before they go off to complete their training and be placed with a deaf person. Giving them up is heartbreaking as you form such a bond with them, but you know they will dramatically improve someone's life which is what you have to think about!! Snipe is a gun dog, and loves to go shooting with my dad.

7. Skiing. I have been skiing every year since I was 4. I am very fortunate to have skied over in America since I was 8, in New England and Utah, and next year we are going to Colorado!!! Although I've had a head and knee injury because of it, I just love it! I like to push myself and finding it challenging but also quite relaxing!

8. Going out for dinner. Another expensive habit! You can guess what kind of taste I have... I love in particular dressing up for a meal. Looking good, going to a nice restaurant and enjoying the experience of trying new food and being waited on. That may sound so pretentious I am aware but I do love it! In Leeds there are so many different kinds of places to eat and so many I still need to try!

9. The colour pink! I am such a girly girl and light pink is my favourite colour!

10. Reality TV. This is such an unhealthy obsession! I will list all the shows I love to watch and you can judge me as I know it is crazy... Dance Moms, Geordie Shore, The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Ex on the Beach, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Orange County/ Cheshire, Big Rich Texas/ Atlanta, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, DCC Making The Team, Chrisley Knows Best... Yep I know!!!! I do like other shows too I swear!! I watch Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story when I fancy a change....

So there we have it!! As I am new to the blogging community sorry if I tag you and you have no idea who I am!! Comment when you've read and do your own.

Hope you've enjoyed reading!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. Loved reading your rants. Thanks for tagging me :)

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

    1. Gotta love a good rant!! No worries, I look forward to reading yours! x

  2. Awesome hunny. Perfect excuse to rant and get it off your chest! ;)
    Kate XxX

    1. Haha thank you I couldn't agree more!! Thank you for tagging me ! xx

  3. Hi! Thanks for nominating me! Right now I'm in the process of writing up my own post on the Love/Hate Tag.

    I know what you mean about hating the way some men speak to men, and petty girl bitchiness. I absolutely HATE misogynistic men, and I CAN'T stand bitchy girls. As a feminist, misogynistic men who act like they are entitled to a woman's body and treat women like objects really bother me. I can't respect men like that - after all, I can't respect people who don't have respect for me. Like you I went to a couple of girls' schools throughout my adolescence and in the first two years of university I lived with a group of girls, and unfortunately as a result I have constantly been on the receiving end of bitchy, petty, horrible, nasty, mean girl behaviour. :( Fortunately most (in fact) of my friends are women and they are not like that at all. :)

    1. at least someone knows how i feel!! I shall check it out for you now, thank you for reading xx