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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blogger Hangout - LFW

Hey guys! I know this is quite late but it has been Freshers week and I have been super busy so haven't found a free moment to write this properly until now, please forgive me.

On Monday, myself, the gorgeous Love From Florence Grace, and another girl we both went to school with, Bobbie all headed to London to go to the Bloggers Hangout at Beach Blanket Babylon for London Fashion Week. As I am a fairly new blogger, this was my first ever blogging event and it was the best first one! The Bloggers Hangout is a company who, like you can guess from their name, organise events purely for bloggers. This event was a beauty bar, so had lots of stools to do with beauty and health. All of the stools gave out amazing freebies to us all which I am so grateful for!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

DIY Facial Scrub - Oily Skin

Hey guys!

Here is something a bit different to makeup, which is what I normally post about and is about skincare. Just quickly before I start, I did actually find out about this on someone's blog but I CAN'T remember who!! So if this is your advice and you are reading it, firstly I'm sorry for kind of stealing but secondly, thank you so much!!

I say this in every post I swear but I have such oily and spot prone skin. Even with a good skin care routine, and a prescription gel to put on every night, break outs are a very regular occurrence on my face. When I read about this DIY scrub I thought to myself why the f not about trying it. I doubted that it could make anything worse. Also this was like a week before my birthday and I was suffering a break out and was panicking! I could not have bad skin for my birthday, so gave it a go.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture

Hey everyone!

As promised here is my first post of being 20, and it is about something which I got from my wish list and it is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler eye shadow pallet! It is just so gorgeous!!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Nicka K Foundation Primer Review

Hi everyone, I hope you're well!

I'm very excited as it is my 20th birthday tomorrow!!! I will definitely fill you all in on that, and show you my gifts, outfits and makeup that I used during both the day and night.

Today I am writing a review about a lovely product that got sent to me, thank you Beauty Crowd Pro!! I had previously not heard of the brand, which is called Nicka K New York, but read into it and found out that is a makeup and cosmetics brand, originally based in New York. I originally presumed that they would be quite a small company as I hadn't heard of them but it turns out they have over 5,000 stores both in the states and also internationally! Browsing through their website I can tell that they like their vibrant colours as well as keeping it natural.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

KIKO Contouring Pencils - Don't Rate

Hey everyone, hope you are well!

Todays post is a little different to the reviews that I have previously written about, I hope you don't mind but I think that it is good to be honest about products that may have not fulfilled your expectations. Just because this product did not work for me, it doesn't mean that I am right or that it wouldn't work as well for you. I don't want to offend the company either,  but here is my honest review.

KIKO is a makeup brand from Milan, Italy. Milan being a major fashion capital of the whole world you would expect a high standard. There are not many stores in the UK but we have a good sized one in Leeds.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Spectrum Brushes

Hi everyone!

Todays post will be a quick review of some brushes I received today in the post. My eye brush collection is seriously lacking; I literally had two! I'm not made of money at the moment either so wanted to buy which wouldn't break my already lacking bank. I found Spectrum! Check them all out here

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

NARS vs MAC. Foundation Review

Hello everyone!!

As you may have realised from my previous posts, I am quite obsessed with MAC. The majority of my posts mention the company and I am a huge fan, but today I will discuss my thoughts on them and a rival company; NARS.

Until literally about a month ago, I did not wear foundation. I got out of the vicious cycle of it