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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blogger Hangout - LFW

Hey guys! I know this is quite late but it has been Freshers week and I have been super busy so haven't found a free moment to write this properly until now, please forgive me.

On Monday, myself, the gorgeous Love From Florence Grace, and another girl we both went to school with, Bobbie all headed to London to go to the Bloggers Hangout at Beach Blanket Babylon for London Fashion Week. As I am a fairly new blogger, this was my first ever blogging event and it was the best first one! The Bloggers Hangout is a company who, like you can guess from their name, organise events purely for bloggers. This event was a beauty bar, so had lots of stools to do with beauty and health. All of the stools gave out amazing freebies to us all which I am so grateful for!

The Pink Parcel

This company stood out most for me I think, not only for their generosity but their business idea is unique and so handy. Everyone's heard of Glossy Box's, and monthly subscription boxes, but The Pink Parcel is something a little bit different. They send us girls boxes according to when our period's are due! When you subscribe, you fill in when you have your period, what brands of sanitary items you prefer, and how heavy you can be. They then send you the Pink Parcel for this day. Inside it amazed me. You got a bloody load of tampons! Honestly you wouldn't need to buy a new pack I swear! You also get some special intimate scrub, by a brand called 'Sass' which were also at the event, I'll go into them more later. And finally there's a box 'for you', things to cheer you up when you are feeling hormonal. I got an OPI nail polish, L'Oreal mascara, lip balm, chocolate, eyeshadow, skin care samples, a herbal tea bag and some bracelets! They also offered us some lovely herbal tea and a flask for that to go in. All of this comes for just £12.99 a month! Unfortunately due to me having a coil I do not get regular periods but I probably would still get this purely for all the goodies!!

This company was my joint favourite because I was lucky enough to have my hair done by them. Swell specialises in using natural products to increase hair's health, making it stronger and thicker, and great at creating volume. The stylist used a hairdryer and their dry shampoo to create the voluminous look on my hair. I usually stay away from dry shampoo as I don't like the smell, or the way it makes my hair feels, but this was completely different. It didn't even feel like I had product in my hair. I'm a big believer in only putting natural products on my hair so this is the perfect brand for that.

 LAB 2 and Sensationail

LAB2 and Sensationail were on a table together. LAB2 were giving away makeup brush sets, who can say no to makeup brushes?! The lady we spoke to says that Taylor Swift's makeup artists use these on her! Personally I'm not blown away by the quality and find that they do deposit all of the product when you put it on your skin and aren't great to blend with, but gave two out of the set to my sister who is perfectly happy with them! Sensationail had their kits out so us bloggers could do our nails! They gave us a kit of theirs which includes a Gel nail polish, all the gel primers and top coats you would need, and the LED lamp. These retail from £45 for a starter kit, so this is going to be my sister's birthday present as I already have a UV lamp for gel nails, but I know she will love it!


When I went over to the Sass stool I initially thought it was facial skin care, how wrong was I! Sass is a company selling products for the intimate areas. One of their creams came in the Pink Parcel, as I said earlier. Using normal shower gels in 'that' area is apparently really unhealthy for it due to there being a different pH balance. Sass has created a formula with a balancing pH and that is healthy for you, reducing itchiness and even those annoying ingrowing hairs. It's working well for me so far!


Exfoliating is SO important to get rid of those dead skin cells, and really helps prior to fake tanning. The Exfolimate is an alternative to a shower poof. On one side of the triangle, there is a 'blade'. I say blade but it isn't sharp and won't hurt you!! Under a microscope it has these tiny grooves which help get rid of all of those dead cells and dirt when used with water, pulling it against your skin. It is completely waterproof so is perfect to use in the shower. I am really enjoying using this so far! 

Sóley Organics

Sóley Organics is an Icelandic skin care brand, using botanics from Iceland to help the skin. They gave us samples of eye cream and a face scrub which smells so good!!

Here are some photos of us, and my outfit. Coat: Lasula, Jeans: Ark, Leotard: Miss Selfridge, Boots; Public Desire and Bag: Michael Kors.

If you've made it down here then thank you so much for reading!!

Yours Truly, Kate x

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