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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

KIKO Contouring Pencils - Don't Rate

Hey everyone, hope you are well!

Todays post is a little different to the reviews that I have previously written about, I hope you don't mind but I think that it is good to be honest about products that may have not fulfilled your expectations. Just because this product did not work for me, it doesn't mean that I am right or that it wouldn't work as well for you. I don't want to offend the company either,  but here is my honest review.

KIKO is a makeup brand from Milan, Italy. Milan being a major fashion capital of the whole world you would expect a high standard. There are not many stores in the UK but we have a good sized one in Leeds.
I had only been in there once before after hearing great reviews from a local makeup artist about their liquid eyeliner - this I have zero complaints about and think it is brilliant! When there on this first trip I saw that they sold contour and highlighting pencils. I swatched them and thought they were pretty good, for a cheap price of just £9.90 for a pack of both. I pondered (love that word) over getting them and on a recent trip into town I went for it.

Appearance wise, they are thick pencils, which is good for being able to colour the parts of your face which you would want to contour/highlight but not so thick that you can still keep control. They have rose gold on the lid and ends, very in! They come in either a Light to Medium or Medium to Dark shade, so I went for Light to Medium as I am quite pale. Like I said earlier, I swatched them and they seemed pretty pigmented on my hand, which is why I decided to buy them.

However when it came to using them on my face when I was doing my makeup at home, the contour was okay, but was quite difficult to blend. The highlighter however, well it just seemed pointless to be wearing it if I'm completely honest. It did absolutely nothing except where my skin is quite uneven, it clung to that and made me look diseased.

Another thing that I didn't like was how oily it made my face. Now you know me by now, my face can be like an oil rig and powder is my best friend!! I did my normal base makeup; primer (Nicka K Foundation Primer), CC cream (Clinique CC Cream), foundation (NARS All Day Luminous) and concealer (Rimmel Wake Me Up) and powder (Benefit Hello Flawless). This routine will keep me pretty much oil free all day, depending on the weather, how much water I drink and that time of the month. Today I was in work all day and drinking a lot of water, so normally the oil wouldn't be too substantial. Even after setting these pencils with my Australis AC On Tour Highlight and Contour kit (check my review on this amazing product here), my face was disgusting to touch.

Even if I went to scratch my face if I had an itch, a load of makeup would basically melt off behind my finger nail, gross I know. I literally could not wait to get home to take this stuff off!! As you can see in my love photo, I have applied the highlighter pencil under my eye as I would with my other products and you can't even tell I'm wearing anything, except something that makes my face into a mirror.

                                                        What highlighter?!?!?!?!?

Luckily these were quite cheap so I'm not missing out on much in money terms but I am really disappointed.

Let me know if anyone knows any other cheap but good contour sticks!!

Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. That's so disappointing these didn't work for you! I haven't tried them before but I though they looked really good!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. So did I hence why I was so disappointed! But like I said at least their eyeliner is good!! x

  2. This is the second review that I've seen ! And both don't reccomend this product ! So sad :(

    1. Oh really?! It's nice to know someone agrees with me although it is a shame :( x