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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

NARS vs MAC. Foundation Review

Hello everyone!!

As you may have realised from my previous posts, I am quite obsessed with MAC. The majority of my posts mention the company and I am a huge fan, but today I will discuss my thoughts on them and a rival company; NARS.

Until literally about a month ago, I did not wear foundation. I got out of the vicious cycle of it
when I was around 16 having been on holiday and it no longer matching my skin type. I had said enough was enough! But because so recently I have become SO into my makeup, and my skin is so spot prone anyway, I decided to invest. Back in the day I used to wear Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (who didn't?!) and used to apply it with my fingers, probably why my skin was never great. Then later invested in the Benefit Playstick, now that was extremely cakey and although the coverage was brilliant, I hated wearing it.

I watched countless Youtube videos reviewing foundations, trying to find which would be the best for my oily skin. I wanted a matte finish, with a good coverage but not too heavy feeling. I eventually decided to go for the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in 'Fiji'. About two weeks later I decided that I wanted a darker shade for when I went out and was wearing fake tan, as discussed in this post. I went for the MAC Studio Fix in 'NC30'.

Comparison time!!

Numbers and details

Both bottles which I have are 30ml. The NARS one came with a pump I paid £32 for, quite pricey! The MAC one was £22, so a tenner less but I had to buy the pump for a further £4.50, however now I have the pump so will hopefully not need to buy another one! The NARS is in a cuboid shaped container with frosted glass, it is so smooth and I know this may sound strange but I like to stroke it... The lid is quite large so there are no chances for accidental pumps and spillages. The MAC one is in a cylinder shaped, transparent bottle, so you can see the true colour of the foundation.


I shall demonstrate using photos how they both look on my face. I have previously prepped my skin with the Benefit Porefessional and the Clinique CC Cream. I will use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply.

After a good shake of both bottles, I squirted one pump on to the back of each hand. The NARS, on the left is a lot more runny than the MAC (right).

(JUST A QUICK NOTE: My skin also has completely broken out, so apologies for that! However in a way it is kind of good as you can see the coverage of the foundations! I also have no other face makeup on so please don't judge my naked face!! Finally remember one foundation is supposed to be darker than other, and I realise it looks ridiculous having half my face a different colour!)


I find that because the NARS is a lot more liquidy, it spreads a lot easier and feels a lot lighter on my face despite it being full coverage. I feel like I'm not even wearing foundation which is personally what I wanted. As an everyday foundation look, even with my skin not behaving, I still feel like I would not need to use concealer which is a major bonus to me.
As the MAC is thicker, I find it feels a lot heavier on my skin and feels like full coverage, however does not actually cover all my blemishes, which to me does not make any sense! I would probably need to build on it and maybe apply another layer to give me a complete blemish coverage which personally I do not want to do, even for a night out.

NARS All Day Luminous                                              MAC Studio Fix


The NARS hands down does what it says on the bottle: 'designed to deliver long-wearing full coverage weightlessly'. With a powder over the top to set it, it really does last all day. Even on hotter days it does not melt off of my face. The only downside is if my skin has some healer scabs so is dry in that area, the foundation does cling to that and makes it pretty obvious.

The MAC is not as matte as I would have thought and makes me very shiny without powder. With powder it does last, but as I wear this when I go out/am at work, in an inside and warm environment then look in the mirror when I get home, blemishes would still show.

So, which do I prefer?

I am glad that I have both for different reasons, and as much as I really want to love the MAC Studio Fix, I feel like the NARS is the perfect foundation for me, and I would buy this foundation again and again, for day and night looks! I am disappointed as I've heard so many great things about the Studio Fix, but for me personally, it does not live up to expectations.

Kate's winner: NARS All Day Luminous!!!

Thank you for reading, and I'd love to know if anyone agrees or disagrees with me!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. Hey Girl ... Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out on my recent post at
    XoXo - Jennie

  2. this helped me so much i always use mac and people always say how good the mac foundation is so i tried it and thought was alright but now i have seen this i am going to try the other foundation. xx

    1. I think you will be pleasantly surprised! Like I said it's a lot less heavy but is still full coverage. The lady in NARS matched me perfectly too so I'd definitely recommend getting your skin matched. Let me know what you think!! xx

  3. I haven't tried the NARS one but I am a big Mac fan! I tried studio fix and studio sculpt was sooooo much better than fix. I didn't find the coverage as good with studio fix but studio sculpt was lovely! Maybe give that one a go, see if it is any better for you! Loved the review though!!! X

    1. i shall look into the studio sculpt! i was thinking of the too faced born this way to try next. thank you!! xx

  4. Nars. I would just try a lighter shade like Deauville or maybe Ceylan.
    I also got estee lauder maximum cover foundation. It's so light and covers even better than the Nars 😊

  5. Nars. I would just try a lighter shade like Deauville or maybe Ceylan.
    I also got estee lauder maximum cover foundation. It's so light and covers even better than the Nars 😊