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Friday, 11 September 2015

Nicka K Foundation Primer Review

Hi everyone, I hope you're well!

I'm very excited as it is my 20th birthday tomorrow!!! I will definitely fill you all in on that, and show you my gifts, outfits and makeup that I used during both the day and night.

Today I am writing a review about a lovely product that got sent to me, thank you Beauty Crowd Pro!! I had previously not heard of the brand, which is called Nicka K New York, but read into it and found out that is a makeup and cosmetics brand, originally based in New York. I originally presumed that they would be quite a small company as I hadn't heard of them but it turns out they have over 5,000 stores both in the states and also internationally! Browsing through their website I can tell that they like their vibrant colours as well as keeping it natural.

The product which they sent me was the Foundation Primer. It retails on their site for $9.99 (US Dollars) which is around £6.50, a very good price. The primer itself comes out clear, so there are no chances of it not blending well on your face and looking blotchy. Now I know I mention this in EVERY post but my face is an oil rig, and I found this product to feel quite oily, more than I was used to in a primer. This gave me a few red flags as I was worried that 1, my makeup would just melt off and 2, I would turn into a living mirror. Thankfully this was not the case!!! My face makeup stayed on just fine and I was no more oily than normal.

Obviously I do not wear makeup every day, so I will take you through a few days of the week I just had and the circumstances to really tell you how this product worked for me. Just so you know the primer arrived on Friday!

I first wore it on Saturday night when I went to work. I work in a hot, sticky bar where there is a horrible smoke machine, how our skin must love that..... I was on my feet all night too, clearly not your every day setting. I was slightly shiny by the end of the night when I finished at 2am and some of my makeup had fallen off. Whether this was due to the setting or not, I probably won't wear it to work again.

I next wore makeup when I went to lunch with my dad on Sunday. I was barely wearing anything makeup wise, however I did initially completely forget to put the primer on, and only remembered after I did half my face with foundation, oops! In a way this was a good thing as I could really see the difference it made however when I did put it on the other half of my face. It did help my foundation and concealer stay on my face and make my blemishes not appear as obvious. Thumbs up from me!

I wore it shopping on Tuesday, walking at the excessive speed I do my makeup can slip off but it was surprisingly fine!

Wednesday and Thursday I had training for my new job all day. Admittedly on one of the days my pores looked enormous so I used my Benefit Porefessional on those bad areas, and the Nicka K everywhere else but it worked fine!

All in all this is a good primer at a good price. I would recommend checking it out and ordering it for an everyday use primer.

Thanks for reading, and as always let me know what you think in the comments! Next time we shall speak I will be 20, so see you then!

Yours Truly, Kate x


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