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Monday, 7 September 2015

Spectrum Brushes

Hi everyone!

Todays post will be a quick review of some brushes I received today in the post. My eye brush collection is seriously lacking; I literally had two! I'm not made of money at the moment either so wanted to buy which wouldn't break my already lacking bank. I found Spectrum! Check them all out here

A little about the company, they are vegan and cruelty free, so if that is something you look for in your purchases then this is a great company for you! As you can see from my photos, these brushes look slightly different (understatement of the century) from other brands like Zoeva or Sigma. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! The handles are wooden but painted pink. The bristled are an ombre style, with a cyan at the base leading to a lovely purple at the tip, and of course they are mighty soft! The handles are quite long as well.

They came in this transparent pink case, which is prefect for transporting them so they don't get damaged in your makeup bag. The brushes themselves had a plastic layer on them to protect them. One thing that I thought was really nice was the note that came with it. I like how it has 'Dear Kate <3' hand written on it. This makes it feel a bit more personal I feel and that Spectrum really cares for their customers, so thank you Spectrum!!!

I headed to the website to pick what I liked and there was a HUGE sale on! Hardly any brushes were left I was like ahhhhhh!!!!!! I kept checking every day for about 3 days and more were coming in stock. I also tweeted them, saying there was such a limited selection and they replied. I like when companies reply to tweets, Spectrum are very friendly!

Now for the brushes reviews!!! I decided to get the Stubby Shader, Precision Crease and Oval Concealer. One main thing I loved about all of these brushes is that the product doesn't completely deposit on to the skin as you as you start using the brush. A lot of brushes around this price bracket do which is not what you want from your brush, so this is great. 

Oval Concealer

I bought this for £2.49, down from £3.99. Although this is a concealer brush, I got it for my eyes. It is a similar shape to my Zoeva 233 Cream Shader brush, so I think I will use it as a blending brush. It is quite large so I used it to apply my main colour to my lid.

Precision Crease

I got this brush for just £1.99 down from £3.99!! These prices are just ridiculously cheap for the quality it really is mad! This brush is tiny, so perfect for the crease, and means that you won't cover the transition shade either. I've found that this is the ideal size to get the shadow in that outer 'V' part of your eye if you know what I mean. Its name does not lie, it is a brilliant precision crease brush!

 Stubby Shader

I bought this one for £2.49, down from £4.99. This brush is great to make most of those super pigmented shadows that we spend so much on!! As it is quite large, you can pack more of the product onto the brush, so more can be put on to the skin. The shorter bristles really help to give the impact of a more dramatic look. This brush is perfect for a striking smokey eye. I will also use this brush with a highlighting tone for under my brow.

Oval Concealer                                          Precision Crease                                              Stubby Shader

There we have it! I would highly recommend these brushes and this company, I will definitely be buying some face brushes when there are more in stock!! 

Thanks for reading and let me know any feedback you may have, all comments are welcome.

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. Loved your post, I'm in need of some new brushes that aren't super expensive so I think you have solved my problem! Ps I noticed your also based in leeds right now - hollaaaa! :)
    Fae | SodaBerries

    1. happy to help! i can't recommend them more. no way you live in Leeds too?!

  2. These look so cool! Definitely stand out in your brush collection xx

    Karan| studentbeautyhack

  3. Hey I just nominated you for the Liebster Award, more information on my blog post :) xx