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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Autumnal MAC Lipsticks

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the Autumnal weather going on, I know I am! Yesterday I went to Starbucks and had my first Pumpkin Spiced latte of the year - despite the fact coffee makes me ill, I had decaf and powered on through! I also bought some pumpkin soup from Sainsbury's which is Amazing!!! All I wanted was to snuggle up in a blanket by a fire eating s'mores and drinking hot chocolate! Unfortunately that was not the case as I was sweating my life away at cheer instead! Oh well a girl can dream.

Continuing this Autumnal dream I really want a red/orange scarf to hide in, and a terracotta red lipstick to match. I found out some amazing news today, which I will share with you when I know all the details, but I know that some of you will be involved which I'm so excited about, but anyway back to my point, I decided to treat myself to a MAC (of course) lipstick like this! I looked through a few in the store, and decided that I preferred a more brown tone as opposed to red, this washed my pale self out a bit too much. I chose 'Retro'. It is a Satin finish one, so won't dry out your lips as the weather gets colder. It is quite similar to one which I already have, 'Modesty' but slightly darker. I didn't buy a liner as I already have one called 'Staunchly Stylish' which I got to go with 'Modesty' so knew it would be a good match. I have purchased quite a few beige/brown coloured clothes recently so this goes perfectly with all of them!

The weekend before last, my sister came up to stay with me here in Leeds and we spent the Saturday shopping obviously! You guessed it, we ended up in MAC. I wanted a purply, dark, but not too dark lipstick if that makes sense. Something dark but girly. I Found 'Rebel', which is almost a very deep pink into purple. It is also a Satin finish. The staying power on this lipstick is incredible! I went on the Carnage bar crawl that Sunday and think I topped it up twice and that was only because my lips were getting dry. It's almost too good! I couldn't get the swatch off my hand for days after, despite washing my hands way too much and using makeup remover on it. It is such a pretty shade, and when I went to get 'Retro' earlier, I recommended 'Rebel' to my friend and she bought it herself!

I feel like these two shades are perfect for Autumn. I know that the really dark reds and purples are in this season but if you're not feeling quite brave enough to wear those then these two are both perfect for you, day or night.

Thank you for reading! Also I apologise for my complete inability to swatch!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. I recently picked up Rebel too, it's such a perfect fall shade!

    xo, Liz

  2. Loving the different colors. Great choices