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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween - Creepy Clown Makeup

Hey guys!!

The big day is nearly upon us and I am getting way too excited!! I still haven't carved a pumpkin or anything so may make my boyfriend do it with me to get into the spirit of things. Speaking of my boyfriend, he has decided to go as a creepy clown for Halloween and is letting me do his face paint! I have decided to try out the look on myself first to not only see what he thinks, but so that I know what I am doing.

What you will need:

- White face paint or very pale foundation (and a translucent powder if using foundation) I use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Base foundation.
- White eye pencil
- Blue/red face paint (which ever colours you like)
- Red lip liner
- Black eyeliner (preferably one you don't mind using up)
- Black gel liner (Collection Lasting Gel Liner)
- Black eye shadow (from my Morphe 35W Palette)

Step 1

Prime your face as normal, you want this look to last! Outline diamond shapes and a larger joker style mouth on your face using the white pencil. Using the white will make it easy to clear up if things go wrong! I use a Natural Collections white liner.

Step 2

Fill in your face with the face paint/foundation around these outlines. Then set with powder. I use Collection Pressed Powder in 'Ivory'. I mixed the foundation with the face paint as the foundation kind of matched with my pale skin. You may want to colour in your eyebrows in white too.

Step 3

Outline the diamonds with the lip liner and then fill them in with your colours. I have chosen just to use red for this look, but if you want blue and red, obviously do one eye one colour and the other the different. The red liner I used was from a Ted Baker set.

Step 4

Outline the diamonds with the black eyeliner, and go over the inside with black eyeshadow. Using the brush drag the shadow into the middle. This can be as neat or messy as you like but I personally went for grungy and messy. Add some more red/blue if the colour is lost too much. I also added the red liner into my waterline of my eyes to make it look extra gruesome!

Step 5

Go over your smile with the red lip liner.

Step 6

Draw in the teeth. To do this I used my liquid liner and made 'n' and 'u' shapes. Try and press as lightly as you can, particularly around your lips. I didn't and messed it up a bit oops!

Step 7

Using your white liner, colour in the teeth but try to avoid touching the black lines.

Step 8

I'm going to leave the lips for now and contour my face, but if you want to do the lips to finish them then go ahead! Using the black eyeshadow I am going to contour where I normally would doing normal contour. I will add some eyebrow lines using my liner too. I also went round my mouth with black gel liner left on my brush to give it some dimension.

Step 9

Draw on a red nose, if possible add some white to it to give it some light.

Step 10

Add anymore shadowing you may want. I added it to around the diamonds and smudged the shadow down to my cheek. I also added some tears using my liner pen.

Step 11

Now for the gore! This is completely optional and if you don't want to use these steps and go for a circus clown then stop at the previous step! Use liquid latex (forgot how bad this smelt!!!) in parts around your drawn on mouth and wait for it to dry. This will give the effect that your mouth is falling off a bit. I'm thinking kind of American Horror Story: Freak Show clown here.

Step 12

Once the latex has dried, peel it off. Colour in beneath where you just pulled with red face paint. Then get your fake blood and line out and around the 'cuts'.

And you are done!


Sorry that the photos aren't of the best quality, the light in my room is questionable! Thank you as always and I hope that this look will inspire you!

Yours Truly, Kate x

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