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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Halloween - Skull Makeup

Hey everyone!

My favourite 'holiday' is fast approaching so I thought I'd do a step-by-step guide on how to do a skeleton face using makeup. This is my choice of character this year, and I want to incorporate some makeup techniques like contouring to it so it looks as realistic as it can!

What you will need:

- White face paint or very very light foundation
- Translucent powder (optional)
- An eyeliner or eyeliner gel which you don't mind using up
- Black eyeshadow
- White eyeliner

Step 1

Prep your face as normal with primer, then apply your foundation or face paint all over your face and down your neck too. It really is up to you how far down your neck you go, there are no rules. If you are using the translucent powder apply this now. If you are using foundation then I would recommend using it to set it, but it's not a necessity if you are using face paint. Remember to go over your lips too.

I got my foundation in the lightest shade know to man from Superdrug for as cheap as I could. I got Revolution Makeup Ultra Face Base Foundation in FB02 for £3. For translucent powder I got the Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory for £1.99.

Step 2

Using the eyeliner, outline round your eye sockets, including drawing over your eyebrows. I'm using one I got free with a magazine. Then fill in using either a gel liner or black eyeshadow. The gel will last longer though. I am using the Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner, which was £3.99.

Step 3

Draw along your temples, the bridge of your nose and along your jaw line in eyeliner. Follow where your teeth are to get the lines for the jaw.

Step 4

Fill in with the liner on your nose. To create the teeth on your skull, you need to try and draw "n" shapers between both jaw lines. Do this from where the jaw line comes out, all the way to just before the lips.

Step 5

Draw lines for teeth over your lips. Be as light with the brush as you can!!

Step 6

We're gonna leave the lips just for now and do some shading. Using a black eyeshadow, I'm using the black from my Morphe 35W, read my review of it here, with just a shader brush. Take this round all the outlines of the eyes, nose, jaw, temples to make it shadowy and give depth to the look. I also added line which you can see go up my forehead, like strange eyebrows.

Step 7

Using your white eye pencil, go over the 'teeth'. Try not to blend it with the black though.

Step 8

Take your eyeshadow again and blend that in above and below your lips. If you feel like you want to add any more bones lines, then go ahead! I added a chin in this step.

Step 9

Now to highlight. Take your white pencil and line around where you have contoured.

And you are done!! For actual halloween I am thinking of getting one white and one completely black contact lens for each eye. Outfit wise I'm thinking skeleton leggings and a bralet, but obviously a full on costume or just black is fine too, whatever you are comfortable in! The look took me quite a while as it was my first time trying it, and I was writing this as I was doing it, but on Halloween I'd say it wouldn't take more than 15/20 minutes.

Thank you for reading, and happy Halloween for two weeks time!!

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. That turned out really great! I've done this just for the selfies before lol


    1. thank you! oh are you having a go? good luck!!

  2. Looks so cool!