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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Working For

Hey guys!

1 week until Halloween and I honestly cannot contain my excitement! I am definitely going as a skeleton, using my look I created here, and as I said for my costume I am going to keep it simple. I will wear a bralet which I bought from Ark last Halloween actually, and some skeleton leggings from of course. I also got some coloured contact lenses, one black pair and one white pair from a party shop in Leeds. They were only about £7 each which is really good considering some of the prices which I've seen online. As much as I would love to splash out on a costume for my favourite night of the year, being a student I simply cannot afford it. But I will make the most of what I have, and my best friend is coming up too so the night should be a big one!

So the point of this post is about something really exciting which has happened to me. As you can tell from the title, I now work for! My role is a Student Brand Manager. This basically means that I represent at my university, Leeds Beckett University.

How did I get the job?

My friend from my course works for the agency, Seed Marketing, which represents a number of brands such as MTV, Spotify, Nike, boohoo and loads more. They told him that they need a girl to represent boohoo for LBU and he thought of me! I had a phone interview basically going through why I should be picked. As I am a business student, this role really is right up my street, as well as having quite a large connection on all social medias.

What does my job involve?

Social media really is my best friend at the moment. I had to set up an Instagram account, @boohooLeedsBeckettUni and gain as many followers as I possibly can. I have a load of 20% off discount codes to give out to my friends, and anyone who wants one really. I am part of the 'Boohoo Style Squad' so have to find the best dressed on campus every week. As well as all of this I have to give out the Trend Tracker magazines, all with unique 20% discount codes on them work with fashion bloggers. This is all a lot but it is really fun and looks so good on my CV.


As part of training for the role, I had to go to the boohoo offices in Manchester for the day, where I learnt about the company, everything I would have to do and got to tour all of the offices.

The other girls!

I am not the only Student Brand Manager either. There are girls from most universities in the UK, and even some from Ireland! I got the pleasure to meet everyone at the training day in Manchester and everyone was so lovely! We all have a group chat and help each other out, so I have also made new friends thanks to the job. This really can open opportunities for any other students nationwide who want to be a brand ambassador and it is really something that I recommend looking into.

Boohoo Blogger's Christmas Party

Obviously as this is a job, we have to work to targets, and if we reach and exceed set targets then we can gain rewards. One of our first targets was to get to 200 Instagram followers in the first week. I actually managed to get to over 200 in the first day, and this didn't go unnoticed. I have been invited to, with a plus one, obviously I chose my good friend from school and fellow blogger Love From Florence Grace. I am so excited, got my outfit from boohoo using my discount obviously and will definitely write a post about it.

If anyone at all wants any 20% discount codes please just DM me on my Twitter as I do have thousands to give away!

Thank you for reading as always, any questions you may have regarding my job feel free to ask.

Yours Truly, Kate x


  1. Eeek congratulations on the job Kate, such a fab opportunity!

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

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