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Friday, 13 November 2015

Pay Day Haul

Hi everyone! I have been so non stop recently juggling uni, assignments, my three jobs, cheer and a social life so my blog unfortunately has taken a back seat recently. But here I am, back with another haul!

My pay day was on the 9th so I understand that this post is a bit late BUT everything I will show you I ordered online, and one product only arrived this morning!! My whole mindset behind everything that I got was trying new brands, taking inspiration from the 'famous' bloggers/YouTuber's, and finding alternatives to what I already own. Despite it being my only day off in forever, I couldn't not try out all of these products in a new look, so spent the time to make myself over despite the fact that I won't be leaving the house today! I feel about 14 again when I used to do this just to take seflies to put on my Bebo!