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Friday, 13 November 2015

Pay Day Haul

Hi everyone! I have been so non stop recently juggling uni, assignments, my three jobs, cheer and a social life so my blog unfortunately has taken a back seat recently. But here I am, back with another haul!

My pay day was on the 9th so I understand that this post is a bit late BUT everything I will show you I ordered online, and one product only arrived this morning!! My whole mindset behind everything that I got was trying new brands, taking inspiration from the 'famous' bloggers/YouTuber's, and finding alternatives to what I already own. Despite it being my only day off in forever, I couldn't not try out all of these products in a new look, so spent the time to make myself over despite the fact that I won't be leaving the house today! I feel about 14 again when I used to do this just to take seflies to put on my Bebo!

The first product I bought, I have been deliberating over getting for a while. It is the 'Anastasia Beverly Hills' Powder Contour in 'Java', which I bought here at Cult Beauty. I already have a full contour kit, from Australis, however the contour tones are really hard to blend and can look strange on my face. I didn't want to buy a whole other contour kit as I don't need that so just decided on this one pan. It blends so much easier on to my face and doesn't look as blotchy! It was quite pricey at £14 just for the one pan, plus postage, but it definitely is worth it!!

To fit this pan in, I decided to invest in a Z Palette. I ordered it from my fave, Beauty Bay for £14.95. The base is magnetic, and comes with stick on magnets to stick to your pans in both circular and square shapes. The ABH pan was magnetic anyway so I didn't need to use these, but as I buy more to go in it, I know that those will be very helpful!

You got free delivery if you spent over £15 on Beauty Bay, and I was just 5p away from that!!! A better way to spend that money would be on a new brush, am I wrong?! I do love Zoeva brushes, so decided to go for the 230 Pencil Brush, which was £6.95. These brushes are perfect to get a bolder line in the crease and add definition, so I knew that this would be the best choice to add to my collection. I used it for the first time today and really liked it. The deposition of the shadow onto my lid was even but the bristles didn't collect all the powder either.

Nyx has been a brand which I have been hearing about non stop for the past couple of months. Everything on their website is pretty much sold out which I thought was a good sign but annoying as I couldn't buy anything!! But I saw that Boots were selling Nyx, so decided to order some bits. A liquid lipstick is something very high up on my wish list. I already have one and want to expand this collection, and as much as I'd love an ABH one, it is out of my price range considering what else I've bought! The NYX Soft Matte lip cream was a fraction of the price at just £5.50!! The colours on the website were quite difficult to see, in the sense all you had to go off is a tiny little circle of colour, so I had to do some digging on Instagram to find which colours I liked. I decided to go for 'Copenhagen', it is a very dark red which is very Autumnal. It does not dry my lips out too much, however after about half an hour the colour kind of goes and it made me look like I had drank some blood... It has made me quite cautious to wear it anywhere in public without having a mirror very close by to check on it, which is disappointing. I also ordered the Setting Spray in a 'Dewy Finish' which was £7. I felt brave and wanted to see how it would look and I have no complaints so far! I also ordered a blusher, which on the website looked like a subtle, light pink/orange colour. In real life it was bright red and I was genuinely shocked so got a refund ASAP!

I woke up on Monday morning to an email from ASOS saying that they were doing 30% off a number of NARS products. Firstly, who knew ASOS sells NARS?!?! I also picked up my Boots order that morning and opened it before my lecture started. Being so disappointed with the blusher, I decided to have a peak at the discounted NARS collection. I found a subtle looking blush, which is what I had originally wanted and got it for just £20.70! I chose the Contouring Blush in 'Tribulation'. It is subtle but I really like it and am happy!

One of my favourite YouTuber's, Carli Bybel has been inspiring me a lot recently. She swears by the LA Girl Pro Concealer to contour her nose, and after seeing how cheap it was, I went for it. I found it on Amazon for just £3.59!!! I chose the colour 'Medium Beige' but for a contour it was too light I tick, so I may have to buy another one!

Sticking with this Carli Bybel theme, I have finally got my hands on her new Palette!! I think that I will do a whole post dedicated to it as it is so beautiful and pigmented! But it arrived this morning and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys!!

So there we are, my makeup drawers are a lot more full, and my overdraft is growing but I honestly am glad I invested in all of these. One thing that I am learning with makeup, is you do get what you pay for, and although some drugstore products are good, the quality doesn't always live up to the higher priced brands. I don't want to come across as a complete makeup snob, and am happy to try new things but the MAC, Nars, ABH products are in a different league and deserve to be priced higher! Here is a ridiculously posed selfie of all of these new products, along with ones I already own!

Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly, Kate x

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